Many parents describe the experience of holding their newborn child for the first time as an encounter with the sacred — a moment which left an indelible mark on their memory. Sometimes, though, the challenges of parenting can become overwhelming and threaten to eclipse the sense of awe which greeted the new arrival.  Today’s youth, more than the youth of any preceding generation, are bombarded with competing messages about the meaning of life and the paths to human fulfillment. We are surrounded by a culture which points to money and sex as the paths to happiness.  If ever there was a generation that required direction it is today’s!  Our youth are our future. The young person who thinks he is “God’s gift to the world” is right! We need to help each young person realize his or her potential specifically in the context of service to others.  In order to become the gifts to the world that God intends, our young people must learn to give themselves away.