National March for Life 2020

Tuesday, 12 May 2020
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Message from the Catholic Organization for Life and Family
On the occasion of the 2020 National March for Life

The year 2020 will be recorded in history as the year that the COVID-19 virus impacted the world in unprecedented ways. In order to save lives and slow the spread of the virus, much of the world was shut down. Large numbers of seniors have died in long-term care facilities and the response has, rightfully, been one of outrage to the plight of our elderly. The world is reacting because of the value of life.

Every year at this time, Canadians gather to march for life – to remind Canadians that all life matters from conception until natural death. In doing so, we remember the passing of the infamous omnibus bill which decriminalized abortion under certain conditions. We also recall the Morgentaler decision of 1988 which struck down that law. Since then, Canada has had no law governing abortion. Canada thus joins the ignominious ranks of three Communist countries: China, North Korea, and Vietnam where abortions are legal from conception to birth.

This year during the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot gather together physically, but we can still come together virtually to march for life. From a positive perspective, the global response to the pandemic has centered upon a common affirmation of the value of life. However, this affirmation has yet to be extended universally to life at all stages. While we are enacting this herculean effort to save lives, especially the elderly, our federal government still allows euthanasia (euphemistically referred to as MAID – medical assistance in dying). Although euthanasia is legally permissible it is never morally right. Provincial governments, in the effort to save lives, have shut down all non-essential services, but include among “essential services” abortion providers. These inconsistencies demonstrate that our society has yet fully to embrace the beautiful truth that all lives are equal and precious. Especially egregious is the fact that, since 1969, when bill C-150 was passed, there have been over 4 million abortions performed in Canada, 4 million children who never had the chance to live. Our country continues to experience an erosion of morality.

With all of the uphill battles we face—unrestricted access to abortion, the expansion of euthanasia, and the continued lack of respect for life—it might seem that our struggle is futile and hopeless. Now, more than ever, let us recall the words of Saint John Paul II during his inaugural homily in 1978: “Be not afraid!” We have nothing to fear and much to hope for. We know that in the end, the victory has been won in Christ Jesus and until that time when we shall definitively see good triumph over evil, we will continue to march for life. This year we shall gather together virtually and march for life. In doing so we are the voice for the voiceless, we are the advocates for those who have no advocates, we are the defense for the defenseless, and we give hope to the hopeless. We shall never stop marching until we have achieved victory for life!