Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) allows a husband and wife to fully express their gift of love for one another while remaining open to life, in accordance with God’s plan for marriage and family. It is a natural way for spouses to regulate the spacing of their children. Studies show that NFP can be as effective as artificial contraception. 

NFP is a simple but effective way of monitoring a woman’s fertility cycle based on a few basic symptoms. A couple can choose to abstain on those days, or they can engage in sexual relations in order to maximize their chances of conceiving. 

Many couples choose NFP because it respects the ecology of the woman’s body, since it does not require the use of artificial substances and chemicals. They also testify that NFP helps to build a couple’s affection and communication, while experiencing a real sense of freedom rooted in love and respect for each other and for God.

Natural Family Planning Organizations: